Wow End User License Agreement Problem

You may play the Game(s) you have licensed in internet cafes or authorized computer game centers accessible to the public on the Platform via an account registered with you. A common criticism of end-user license agreements is that they are often far too long for users to spend time reading them thoroughly. As of March 2012, the PayPal end user license agreement was 36,275 words,[15] and by May 2011, the iTunes agreement was 56 pages long. [16] Sources of information reporting these results stated that the vast majority of users do not read documents because of their length. Thank you for your interest in Blizzard`s online gaming services and interactive games, as well as interactive games from other developers (“Licensors”) that make their games available through the Blizzard Platform. (The Blizzard and Licensor Games are collectively referred to herein as the “Games”). This Agreement sets fore the terms under which you are permitted to install and use the Platform. As used herein, the term “Platform” means collectively and sometimes individually (1) the Blizzard Software App, (2) the Blizzard Game Services, (3) each of the Games, (4) the mobile applications authorized with respect to the Games and the Blizzard service, and (5) all features and components therein, whether installed or used on a computer or mobile device. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, YOU MAY NOT INSTALL, COPY OR USE THE BLIZZARD PLATFORM. IF YOU DECLINE THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS OF PURCHASING A GAME FROM BLIZZARD, YOU MAY CONTACT BLIZZARD THROUGH TO REQUEST A FULL REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THAT GAME. IF YOU PURCHASED A GAME AT RETAIL, YOUR RIGHT TO RETURN IS SUBJECT TO THE MERCHANT`S RETURN POLICY. Select a unique username and password (collectively, “Credentials”). You may not use your real name as your password for the account and you may not share the account or credentials with others unless permitted by the terms of this Agreement.

You may play the Game(s) for which you have obtained a license for authorized Internet cafes or computer gaming centers accessible to the public on the Platform via an account registered with you. You will be notified of any requirement to purchase a license before you can use a game and any time limit that would affect how long you can play a game. Transfers: Attempt to sell, sublicense, rent, rent, grant or otherwise transfer any copy of the Platform or any component thereof or your rights in the Platform in a manner not expressly permitted herein. To play games on the platform, you must add a game license to an account that requires a Blizzard-generated authentication code. For retail purchased gaming licenses, the authentication code will either be included in the packaging materials or sent electronically. When you purchase a game digitally from Blizzard, the authentication code is assigned to the account when you purchase the game. We disable access to compromised accounts while investigating. Once we are sure that access to the account has been restored for the registered user – and only for the registered user – we will reactivate access to the account. If you are a resident of Australia, the benefits offered by this Limited Warranty are in addition to any other rights or remedies you have under local laws with respect to the goods to which the Warranty applies. .