White Shipping Agreement Upsc

India has signed an agreement to join the Trans-Regional Maritime Network (T-NMR) to exchange information on trade movements on the high seas. Commodore K.M. Ramakrishnan signed the agreement on behalf of the navy at the Italian Navy headquarters in Rome on Monday, the navy said on Twitter. Aman Saberwal replies: White Shipping Information refers to the exchange of relevant advance information on the identity and movement of non-military commercial merchant ships. Background: India has signed the Trans-Regional Maritime Network (T-NMR) Ascension Agreement. The multilateral construction includes 30 countries and is controlled by Italy. India has signed white shipping agreements with several countries, including the United States and Singapore, and is seeking a similar agreement with other countries as part of its ongoing efforts to develop an effective regional MDA. The agreement was signed here on January 19, when the two sides held their second maritime cooperation dialogue for the Indian Ocean region. India and Bangladesh today signed seven agreements. Such multilateral agreements are necessary because of the heavy traffic in the Indian Ocean, which cannot be fully monitored by any nation. “The Indian Navy is responsible for concluding agreements on the exchange of information on white shipping with 36 countries and three multinational constructions,” an official source said. So far, 19 agreements have been signed and 12 of them have been implemented. .