What Is The Unified Carrier Registration Agreement

In recommending the amount of fees to be charged for each year of registration and determining the amount of the fee, the Act states that the UCR Board of Directors and the FMCSA must “consider” the following factors: The Duke Act, introduced in 2005, requires motor vehicles involved in interstate commerce and other corporations subject to the Act: submit an annual fee based on fleet size to supplement funding for the state`s road driver registration and safety programs. Number of CMVs owned or operated by a driver, private carrier, or carrier exempted or not released under 49 U.S..C. 14504a(d)(7), the costs incurred by the UCR plan to administer the UCR Agreement may be included in the overall revenue target in addition to revenue fees for participating states. The revised UCR recommendation includes actual revenues generated at the end of August 2019. The plan now ends collections for each registration year on September 30 of the following year instead of the previous end date of December 31 of the following year. For the only remaining recovery month for 2018 (September 2019), the Duke Plan estimated the minimum revenue projection for that month by grouping the recoveries in each of the 2013 to 2015 registration years [4], and then comparing them over the years to determine the minimum amount […].