Upu Postal Payment Services Agreement

– Sixth additional protocol to the UPU Constitution – Universal Postal Convention Agreement about Postal Payment Services Postal Payments , a term that defines four types of exchange (cash, cash, cash and account account) play an important social role, as they are more accessible and available to the general public, without discrimination. After all, many people, including many migrants, do not have access to banking services. This gap is being filled by the global postal network, which has more than 660,000 post offices, mostly in rural or remote areas. – Second additional protocol to the UPU Constitution – General Regulations of the Universal Postal Union – General Postal Convention – Convention on Insured Letters – Agreement on Parcel Shipments – Agreement on Postal Mail and Postal Checks – Agreement on Transfers on and Postal Accounts – Agreement on Cash Mailings – Bank Recovery Agreement Each member of the Board is required to designate as his representative a person “competent for postal affairs”. The 40 seats on the Board of Directors are allocated equally to the five geographic regions. No country can serve more than two consecutive terms. As a result, the current international treaty will be significantly improved. The document clearly defines, among other things, up-and-coming postal payment services, taking into account the principles of technological neutrality (which enables network and system connectivity), data privacy, anti-money laundering, security of processing and transmission of payment orders, consumer protection and reliability of payments between operators. The main legislative acts of congress are the Universal Postal Convention, which sets the ground rules for the exchange of documents and parcels between post offices, as well as the Constitution and general regulations that the UPU sets up and organizes itself. Congress also passed a postal agreement on payment services, which governs the international financial services of post offices. – Constitution of the Universal Postal Union, Final protocol – General provisions of the Universal Postal Union, Final Protocol – General Postal Convention, Final Protocol, Final Protocol, Operating Rules – Agreement on Letters and Insured Boxes, Final Protocol, Operating Regulation – Agreement on Parcel Shipments, Final Protocol, Operating Rules, Memorandum of Understanding on Postal Mail and Postal Checks, Operating Rules – Agreement on Transfers to and from the Postal Bank , Operating Rules – Payment Agreement, Operating Rules – Newspaper and Periodical Subscription Agreement, Operating Rules To help operators who post services Since 2005, the UPU has made its electronic network safer and more reliable.