Subcontract Agreement Template Word

Once you have accessed your copy of this agreement, open it and look for the first article. All items in this document are marked with a number and bold formulations. Article “1. The parties” begin this document by requiring you to insert a specific calendar date. This information must be entered as month, day, and then year in the first three empty lines. The next task necessary for this introductory declaration is to identify the contractor with the name of the company and the postal address of the contractor. The wording of this sentence requires that the information be divided into several entries with four specific empty lines. Start with the report of the contractor`s business name in the first line following the sentence “. Is Between” and continue by indicating the postal address of the contractor as road, city and land in the next three lines (finally, with the label “contractor”).

The subcontractor that the contractor intends to use above must be attached to this document. Respond to this necessity by giving his full career name in the first line after the word “. And” then his full business mailing address on the remaining lines in this statement. After signing the agreement, the subcontractor may start work on the date set out in the agreement. According to the established payment plan, the subcontractor is fully paid after the completion of the work, after the authorization of the independent contractor and the customer (within the framework of industry standards). .