Service Level Agreement Grid Computing

ALS protects consumers of services. It always helps the customer to have a secure mode, as providers always tend to be flexible about their services. On e-business platforms, each unit can even count thousands of millions of revenues. Therefore, ALS should be validated accordingly and there should be strong management to reach an agreement and make a decision on each incident. An SLA validation framework [ 2 ] can be based on the LAYSI infrastructure model [8], the LoM2HiS management model [ 9 ] and the SLA aggregation and validation model [ 10 ]. The service received by the customer as a result of the service provided is at the heart of the service level agreement. The main point is to create a new level for the grid, cloud or SOA middleware, capable of creating a trading mechanism between service providers and consumers. For example, the EU-funded Framework SLA@SOI 7 research project[12]explores aspects of multi-level, multi-supplier slas within service-based infrastructure and cloud computing, while another EU-funded project, VISION Cloud[13], has delivered results in terms of content-based ALS. QML: In order to define QoS (Quality of Service) component specifications for components (Quality of Service), hewlettPackard [ 16 ] presented the Quality of Service Modeling Language (QML). QML can be used to describe the QoS (service quality) properties of a software component, but its specifications cannot be executed to implement the QoS EC-2018-5. With the help of QML, users can define their own types of dimensions. QoS specifications in QML accelerate the static deterioration of system software in elements with well-defined QoS limits.

QuO: The quality object is a specific corBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) framework that provides quality of service in distributed network-centric applications [ 17 ]. QoS settings, notifications and adjustments can be described using QuO, which contains a language for quality descriptions. QuO integrates and simplifies the information of many vendors, sites and schedules to help developers. The new version of QuO 3.1 supports CORBA 3, CIAO, MICO, Redhat Linux 9 and macosx. It also works with Java and C-apps. After the Pfister [ 6 ] and Buyya [ 7 ] Computing cluster is: “A cluster is a kind of parallel and distributed system, which consists of a collection of interconnected laptops that work together as a single integrated computing resource. ‖ Buyya defined as follows one of the popular definitions of grids at the Grid Planet Conference, San Jose, USA: and the aggregation of ̳ autonomous resources distributed geographically dynamically, based on their availability, performance, performance, costs and user service quality requirements. ‖ Buyya also defined cloud computing as follows: “A cloud is a kind of parallel and distributed system, which consists of a collection of interconnected and virtualized computers that are dynamically provided and presented as one or more unique computing resources based on its service level agreements, which ‖ based on service level agreements established by service negotiation. , The paid utility model and virtualization are the key factors of cloud computing.