Online Lessons

Mike is available for FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp online lessons for all ages. Online lessons are fun and easy, with many students having enjoyed pursuing their lessons online on these platforms.

Whether scheduling creates challenges making it difficult to attend in-person lessons, distance is a factor, or if leaving home is not an option, online lessons are available and have proven to be a success. In fact, many students have preferred the platform, as they are able to enjoy the luxury and comfort of their own home, not have to worry about a commute, avoid missing lessons due to poor weather, and are able to warm up before the lesson and continue practicing the material taught that week immediately following the lesson, right from the convenience of their home. 

Online Homeschooling Lessons
Online lessons have also been a great tool for homeschooling parents who wish to incorporate music into their child’s curriculum, and are able to do so without having to leave their home or accommodate an in-home lesson with an instructor. Instead, an online lesson once a week can be scheduled into one of their child’s weekly school days.