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“We will continue to spread this message in the coming months and will do everything in our power to protect this agreement.” The unions said that the OCA companies had agreed not to leave the agreement until 30 June in order to allow for further discussions on the future of the federation or “a kind of replacement”. The OCA began in 1995 and negotiates the agreement on behalf of employers with the Unite and GMB unions. The OCA said on Monday: “The partnership agreement of the offshore contracting parties is maintained. We have started a debate on a wider adoption of the agreement and we welcome OGUK`s assistance in promoting this agreement. The future of the UK`s largest north Sea collective agreement is on hold after it emerged that employers were informing unions that they intended to dissolve the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA). “Since we were informed, your union representatives have met with the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), the Scottish Government and Oil and Gas UK to argue that the offshore industry needs this agreement to maintain stability and safety off the coast,” the unions told their members. Late last week, the unite, GMB and RMT unions announced for the first time to their members that they were fighting for the rescue of the Offshore Enterprise Partnership Agreement (OCPA). “We believe that a fully engaged workforce is essential to the safe and prosperous future of the industry and we have expressed our desire that everything be done to maintain a positive commitment.” Stuart Payne, OGA`s Director of Supply Chain, Dismantling and Human Resources, said: “The OPC has regular meetings with professional associations and unions, and these meetings have allowed us to draw attention to the discussions on the OCA and OCPA. A spokesperson for the Oil and Gas UK trade association said: “We are aware of this decision and will work with the OCA and the unions to develop a positive plan for the future.” It also gives unions recognition rights and collective agreements with OCA member companies. The RMT union supports the efforts of Unite and GMB, but is not recognized under the OCPA, which establishes a basis for the conditions applicable to maintenance and engineering contractors abroad. The unions stated that they had been informed in December by the OCA that the employers intended to dissolve the association and end the OCPA. The last two-year salary contract was announced a year ago, after lengthy negotiations. ..