Hotel Group Booking Agreement

2. If, when the request for a accommodation contract was accepted, the hotel did not request payment of the application fee under Article 3, paragraph 2, or did not indicate a payment due date, the accommodation contracts are considered to be a specific agreement covered in paragraph 1. If you have accepted items, rooms or other free details as part of your group contract, make sure they are included. Determine if the value of the product can be deducted from the main account if it is to be assigned. Also make sure you understand if they are cumulative or calculated daily. If you sign your contract, make sure you understand when your hotel block will be released. You should also find out what happens to participants who try to block it when that date expires. 1. This document (“CGV”) describes the terms of hosting and related agreements (together “hosting contracts”) between Prince Hotels, Inc. (“Hotel”) and its customers (“customers”). All articles that are not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions are determined in accordance with the laws of Japan or generally established practices.

It is important to set the right meeting date for your group. Make sure that the group hotel reservation portion of the contract contains check-in and check-out data. This information is very important to avoid errors or problems of double booking near the actual event. If the hotel deems it necessary, the hotel may change the terms and conditions of sale. If the hotel decides to make such a change until the date 1 month before the effective date of such a change, the hotel will announce this change, the changes to the conditions and its effective date on the home page of Prince Hotels, Inc. ( Determine whether the hotel or venue leaves you sufficient space for your function. If there is an unused room, should it be released at the hotel? If so, when will that happen? You should also be informed of any charges if the room block is not filled. In case of wear, place the percentage of the hotel block you want to sell.