He Character Of Being In Agreement With The Standards Of Right Conduct Is Called

The fundamental assertion on which Rohr bases his argument is that Supreme Court rulings are sufficient measures to build an ethical framework. Rohr argues that this framework of ethical standards is strong because it is based on a system of mutual control in the judicial system and because it is based on the interpretation of the authors` intentions about how and why a government exists. How should we behave towards each other? Morality is a social phenomenon. Think. If a person is alone on a desert island, would all that person have done be moral or immoral? This person may do things that increase or decrease the chances of survival or rescue, but would these acts be morally or immoral? Most of what we talk about in ethics is related to the situation in which people live with others. Humans are social animals. Society contributes to making man what he is. For man, the question arises of how people should behave with each other. Douglas continues to explain why ethical practices are needed. “Our government is now so vast and affects our lives so directly that we cannot settle for moderately decent behavior by our public servants. Because even a small percentage of the fault of these officials can cause a lot of damage. [3] Logical normative principles require that we first list the good and bad consequences of an action.

Second, we will determine whether all the good consequences outweigh all the bad consequences. If the good consequences are greater, the action is morally correct. If the bad consequences are greater, the action is morally inappropriate.