Florida Divorce Settlement Agreement Sample

CONSIDERING that in the event of disagreement on a matter between the parties, the parties must first discuss such a dispute and make reasonable efforts to resolve such a dispute. Except in an emergency, before either party takes legal action with respect to such dispute or a change in the terms of this Agreement, that party will make a good faith attempt to submit the dispute or controversy to mediation. If there are any costs or aspects of your divorce that you think have not been taken into account, you should mention them in the additional field at the end of your marriage contract. Make a detailed list of everything you own or owe, and all the people you are financially or otherwise responsible for, to make sure you`ve covered everything in the document. Best of all, we`ve included a link below to download a PDF version of this settlement agreement commented by one of our divorce lawyers so you know exactly what it all means. We give our clients a copy of the commented version at the beginning of the divorce process so they can imagine where it all leads! Life insurance policies: As security for the husband`s support obligation as described in this agreement, the husband maintains a $100,000 life insurance policy. Reconciliation: The parties recognize the possibility of reconciliation or a short period of time during which they can resume their conjugal relationships. However, they intend that reconciliation will not nullify or affect in any way the provisions of this Agreement regarding the settlement and disposition of property rights between the parties in their respective property and personality as set forth in this Agreement. Note: Many documents, including the divorce petition, can be filed electronically through the Florida Courts e-filing portal.

The applicant should speak to a clerk to see what forms can be filed online. Other Debts: If there are debts the payment of which is not expressly assigned to a party under this Agreement, the party that has incurred such debts shall be solely responsible for the payment of such debts and shall indemnify the other party. But it`s pretty hard to imagine what a marriage agreement looks like without seeing one. Below we have a text version of a matrimonial contract that is actually used by our company to resolve a divorce case with assets, debts, children and alimony. If the spouses have minor or dependent children together, or if the wife is pregnant, the following documents must be completed and attached to the applicant`s divorce application. The additional documents inform the court of how the couple intends to manage their parental responsibility, pay family allowances and retain custody of their children. The parties must sign the completed documents in the presence of a notary or deputy clerk. Additional disclosures may need to be prepared and attached to divorce applications. The applicant should review the following documents and draft the forms that apply to his or her divorce case: CONSIDERING that this agreement is consensual a final provision with respect to the marriage matters dealt with herein, and intends that this agreement be included in any SUBSEQUENT FINAL JUDGMENT ON THE DISSOLUTION OF THE MARRIAGE.

Each party understands and agrees that this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties. It replaces any previous agreement or arrangement between them. There are no representations or warranties other than those expressly set forth herein. A florida marriage agreement is a contract that sets out the terms agreed upon by a couple regarding their rights and obligations after divorce. Settlement agreements may include a number of separation conditions, including support, child support, parental obligations, and the division of the couple`s assets and liabilities. When filing the divorce, the parties can ask the court to include the agreement in the final judgment, making the terms enforceable by court order. However, if the settlement agreement remains separate from the couple`s divorce case, it can only be applied by the principles of contract law. Life Insurance Policies: As security for the child support obligation described in this Agreement, the husband will maintain a $150,000 life insurance policy with the wife as the beneficiary for minor children until the obligation to support the children ends under the terms of this Agreement. C. All child support payments under this Agreement will be made and rendered as follows: [choose one:] __ All child support payments will be paid directly through the appropriate state agency, agent or court designated under the laws of the State of Florida to receive and pay such support payments, or _____ All child support payments will be made directly to the parent, to whom child support is due; However, the parent to whom the payments are due reserves the right, upon written notification to the paying parent, to request that such support be paid directly to the appropriate state agency, official or court designated under the laws of the State of Florida to receive and pay such child support. Temporary assistance (§ 61.071) – Each spouse may apply for temporary financial assistance or “alimony during lite” to cover his or her living expenses while the divorce case is pending. CONSIDERING that we have all acted in good faith and that we have all communicated to each other in a fair, accurate and complete manner with respect to all financial and property matters relating to this Marriage Agreement; CONSIDERING that due to irreconcilable differences in marriage, the parties have entered into this marital separation agreement in order to settle once and for all what they owe each other and what they can expect from each other.

Each of the parties explains that nothing was retained, that they honestly included everything they could have imagined in the list of their assets and liabilities, and that they believe that the other was open and honest when they drafted this divorce agreement. Indemnification of All Claims: Each party, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, indemnifies the other party from all claims, liabilities, debts, obligations, actions and causes of action of any kind, known or unknown. However, neither party shall be released from any obligation under this Agreement or any document issued under this Agreement or any judgment or order issued in connection with this Agreement. CONSIDERING that each party waives, releases and waives any actual or potential right, claim or cause of action against the other party, including, but not limited to, asserting a claim against the estate of the other party or as the personal representative of such estate, except as otherwise provided in or following this Agreement. CONSIDERING that we wish to settle by mutual agreement all matters relating to our marital affairs, the custody and visitation of children, our personal and immovable property and our finances; Immediately after filing the divorce documents, the applicant must complete and file a subpoena: Personal Service on an Individual Service and Processing Memorandum. A clerk signs the summons and returns both documents to the petitioner. The subpoena, memorandum, and copies of each divorce document must be provided to the sheriff`s department or a private trial server in the county where the defendant lives. For a fee, a deputy sheriff or private trial server will deliver the entire file to the defendant or any other person over fifteen (15) years of age who lives with the defendant. This agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between husband and wife with respect to the settlement of war property and finances and supersedes all previous discussions between us. .