Cisco`s End User Software License Agreement

The customer`s license for the use of the Software is limited to a single hardware chassis or card or other restrictions in the existing or corresponding additional licensing agreement accepted by an authorized source for which the Customer has paid the necessary licence fee (the “purchase order”) to an authorized source and not to use it. 3.1. Cisco technology in general. Unless specifically agreed by Cisco, you cannot (a) transfer, sell, sublicensing, monetize or provide them with the functionality of Cisco technology to third parties; (b) use the software on used or outdated Cisco devices that have not been authorized by Cisco, or use licensed software for a given device on another device (except as permitted by Ciscos` software portability policy); (c) product identification, copyright, property references, intellectual property or other trademarks; (d) reverse engineering, decompilation, decryption, shredding, modification or works derived from Cisco technology; or (s) to use Cisco content that is not part of your authorized use of Cisco technology. 3.3. Development of Cisco technology. Cisco may: (a) improve or refine a cloud service, although Cisco does not significantly reduce the basic functionality of this cloud service, except as provided in this section; and (b) to perform the planned maintenance of the infrastructure and software used to provide a cloud service during this period, this cloud service may be discontinued. Whenever this is reasonably feasible, Cisco will notify you in advance of this maintenance. You acknowledge that Cisco must perform emergency maintenance from time to time without informing you in advance, during which Cisco may temporarily suspend access to and use of cloud service.

(i) transfer, transfer or sub-concede its license rights to another person or entity (in accordance with a Cisco directive in force at the time) or use the software on Cisco devices that were not acquired by the customer from a used Cisco source or device, and the customer acknowledges that any attempt to transfer, assign, sublicensing or use is not valid; Customer data. The client grants Cisco and its independent accountants the right to check the customer`s books, records and accounts during the customer`s normal opening hours, in order to verify compliance with this agreement. In the event that such a review reveals non-compliance with the agreement, the customer must pay Cisco the corresponding royalties without delay, plus the reasonable costs associated with the completion of the review. The Advanced Services Agreement (Click-to-Accept) is a worldwide click-to-accept agreement for the purchase of advanced services directly from Cisco. This is a stand-alone agreement that covers the advanced services of SOW (transactional) and advanced description service. If you accept this agreement online through the Cisco Click-to-Accept process, you can place multiple orders with Cisco for description service and advanced services based on SOW, as under the terms of that agreement.