Charter Spectrum Service Agreement

Worst customer service in America. They`ll change you in every way possible. Transmission is the only word they understand, they transfer you to another department. The worst customer service than any business ever. And I don`t care if they had such a terrible reputation. After ten years of chartering (now Spectrum), I probably had more technical problems with chartering than with any other service in my entire life… combined. But they have a monopoly in this area, so I have to stick to this terrible undertaking. Your answer to any technical question is to reset your cable modem and hope the problem disappears. Sometimes it works. Most of the time, I give up and hope that the problem will go away on its own. Sometimes it works. Some customers are polite, others are not.

Some people know a little about the service, others don`t. If you keep trying to get a decent service, they will “degenerate” your problem report. I have never struggled for the last ten years to get the service they promised and to make them follow up with an escalation. One day we will move, and I look forward to eliminating the charter service. I`m afraid the alternatives are just as bad. Control the spectrum! We drive it changes both them and our services! I guess I should at least go with AT-T, if I had it, that I could use. Incredibly disappointed. I took my full address and I thought my area is a bestotable area. Triple play mission. I called this morning to confirm my installation date, just to find out that this was all a lie. On June 26, 2017, I call 1-855-222-0102 and have an appointment for the 8 to 10 hour hours to have my box and modem checked. You never showed up.

When I called local 407-291-2500, they stated that there was no record of a call or appointment. However, when I called 1-855-222-0102, they stated that there was a recording of the employee who signed up for an appointment, but it seems that it did not pass, as if it had been thrown away by the planning department. Now I have to suffer and wait for another appointment tomorrow, if that is the case today. As soon as I find an evaluation page, I bet Spectrum`s customer service is not what they say on TV. Because right now, the pixels on my TV are confused, and the volume turns on and off, and the Internet has thinking problems. And a service that is used to come with the company that crashes was a $20 discount from the bill when the company became confused, but I think the company thinks it doesn`t make mistakes.