An Account Agreement Provides The Legal Status Of An

Other events may affect the date or success of a transfer that reaches the intended recipient. These events may include, among other things, errors made by the sender or recipient when introducing information, inaccurate information about an account or card number, delays in publication by the recipient institution, acts of God, and network and POSTA interruptions. If we believe that transmission may be illegal, we may refuse or cancel the transmission. The receiving establishment may choose not to book the transfer or to delay booking the transfer. Neither the bank nor the service provider is responsible for delays in transferring funds or booking funds into the recipient`s account. You may have certain rights and obligations regarding the failure to book transactions in a timely manner and you will be encouraged to continue resolving disputes with the receiving financial institution. You log in to use Citizens Bank`s P2P service, which is managed by Acculynk and allows you to send money to another person. This E-Sign Convention applies to all electronic communications, documents, disclosures and signatures related to products, services and transfers offered or accessible by your bank to all cardholders, authorized users, account holders, policyholders, applicants and anyone else who uses this service as a sender or recipient or who registers for the use of this service. For example, a company that buys goods internationally wants to be sure that its counterpart can deliver the goods. Conversely, the seller wants to make sure that he is paid when he sends the goods to the buyer.

Both parties can enter into a trust agreement to ensure delivery and payment. You can agree that the buyer deposits the money in trust with an agent and gives irrevocable instructions to pay the money to the seller as soon as the merchandise arrives. The agent – probably a lawyer – is bound by the terms of the agreement. Errors and Questions In case of errors or questions about an online service or bill payment transaction, call Citizens Bank Electronic Branch 505-599-0100 or email us at: Citizens Bank Electronic Branch PO Box 4140 Farmington, NM 87499 We must contact you at the phone number or address indicated no later than 60 days after sending the first statement on which the problem or error occurred to hear. We need: 1. Your name and account number (if any) 2. A description of the error or transfer in question and an explanation for which you think it was an error or need additional information 3.